Contractor Information

At ABC, our training program can:

  • Improve and upgrade the quality of your workforce.
  • Help you comply with prevailing wage requirements.
  • Train skilled crafts persons for the future of your business.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Reduce turnover, injuries and absenteeism.
  • Lower your project costs.
  • Secure your labor force for the future.
  • Save you money by allowing you the opportunity to pay apprentices a percentage of the journeyman wage while they receive on-the-job-training. You get a lower payroll cost, reduced taxes, and other rates and fees at a lower rate.
  • Qualify for DAGS ACT 17 which offers a five percent bid preference for contractors utilizing state-approved apprentices on state projects!

Add it up: ABC's training program can improve your overall profit margin and help you train your skilled craftworkers of the future!

What are the requirements to employ and train apprentices through ABC?

  • Be an ABC member in good standing. Membership fees are offset by reduced labor costs and increased productivity.
  • Be a Licensed Contractor.
  • Agree to train in compliance with ABC Apprenticeship Standards.
  • Complete any required public works forms.
  • Be approved by the appropriate ABC Apprenticeship Committee.