FEA Promo Video & One-Pager

We are very pleased to share with you the new Free Enterprise Alliance promo video and one-pager – 71% of our chapters in 32 states have directly benefited from our efforts thus far!

The video is stored on the Free Enterprise Alliance YouTube page so it is easily accessible. We will also make available on National Connections so you are able to download the 247MB file to save on a computer for presentations.

The FEA Contribution Form and the link to the donate page on the FEA website. If you have not already contributed in 2017 please do so immediately. Our detractors are going to use last night’s election results across the country to try and change the conversation and undo all that we have and will accomplish – in fact it has already started – we must stay vigilant!

Project Management Class

ABC Hawaii is offering a NCCER Project Management class in February 2018. It is a quick 6 week program, covering the entire project management process from start to finish. Classes will be held on Saturdays, 8 hours per day. The first day of class is Saturday February 3rd, 2018. Price is $400 for ABC Hawaii Members and $500 for non-members. Deadline to sign up is January 4th 2018.   Click here for Flyer.

Join ABC Hawaii Today!!               15 for the Price of 12

Any company that joins between October 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 will receive the remainder of 2017 and all of 2018 for the price of 12-months of membership.

Continued Competency: License Renewals Electrician

ABC Hawaii is proud to announce the Continued Competency Program required for all licensed electricians to renew their electrical license. The next triennium begins on July 1st 2017. You must have completed at least four hours of continued education that satisfies the State of Hawaii’s Licensing Board by June 30, 2017. Don’t wait, sign-up for ABC Hawaii classes today. Failure to complete the continued competency class will result in your electrical license to laps!

After the release of the 2011 National Electrical Code (NEC), there were over 3,500 proposals to make changes to and improve the next edition of the Code. The training will review the changes in the NEC 2014 which are adopted. The NEC 2014, is divided into nine chapters as well as several annexes all of which will be reviewed throughout the class.

Classes are scheduled on
Saturdays from 0800 – 12:00 noon
At the ABC Hawaii Office Room 201
Cost $250

This curriculum satisfies the State of Hawaii continuing education requirements for Electrical Journey Workers IAW HRS section 448E-8.5.

Please contact ABC Hawaii at 845-4887 for additional information and/or to sign up for our next available class.

Suites for Rent

 Non-Member Rates
Room Hours Cost
201A 8am-12n
201A  12n-4pm  $175
201A  8am-4pm  $225
201B  8am-12n  $150
201B  12n-4pm  $150
201B  8am-4pm  $175
203  8am-12n  $250
203  12n-4pm  $250
203  8am-4pm  $300

Click here for more info.