General Labor laws & How to avoid unions

Learn more about your legal & practical rights.  Prevention before it happens!  ABC Hawaii invites you to attend a free "General Labor Law & How to Avoid Unions" Seminar.  Monday, Oct. 27, 2014.  9:00am-12:00noon.  Located at ABC Hawaii offices. RSVP form.

240 Electrical Program Sign Ups Beginning 11/1/14

Do you know someone who is a “journey worker” electrician but cannot obtain their license from the state because they don’t have the proper schooling requirements under HRS 448E-5(b) requirements of having at least 240 school hours of specific electrical academic coursework?

Well ABC Hawaii is here to help! Starting 11/1/14 we will be opening up our exclusive 240 Electrical training program to certain individuals that meet specific minimum requirements of elegibility to enter the program. Must have documented work experience with a minimum 8000 verifiable and certifiable work hours
  1. Minimum of 4 years full-time or its equivalent in the trade under direct supervision of a qualified journey worker or electrical supervisor and
  2. Signed notorized letter of reference from employer(s).
Classes start January 13, 2015 and run on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30pm-7:00pm.  Class space is very limited. Refer this information to your friends and colleagues of the industry, ABC Hawaii does not discriminate against anyone trying to obtain and better themselves for the industry.

Contact the ABC Hawaii office for more details.

2014 Excellence In Construction (EIC)

Award recipients will be acknowledged at our 2014 EIC & STEP Award Ceremony on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at the Hawaii Okinawa Center in Waipio. Registration CLOSED.

Projects that win the equivalent of an Eagle or Pyramid award at the ABC Hawaii Chapter level are eligible for a 2014 Excellence in Construction National Award.  Submittals may now be done online ABC National Project Submittal.  Feel free to call the ABC Hawaii office with any questions or email


Suites for Rent

 Non-Member Rates
Room Hours Cost
201A 8am-12n
201A  12n-4pm  $175
201A  8am-4pm  $225
201B  8am-12n  $150
201B  12n-4pm  $150
201B  8am-4pm  $175
203  8am-12n  $250
203  12n-4pm  $250
203  8am-4pm  $300

Click here for more info.

Mahalo to our 2014 Member Appreciation Networking Opportunity Dinner!

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