How do I become a craft instructor?

Consider the following advantages of becoming a craft instructor:

  • Help shape future leaders in the industry.
The men and women who are participating in the ABC Craft Training Program are the future leaders of our industry. They are acquiring the skills and knowledge that will enable them to move to the forefront of the industry.      
  • Help mold the construction industry.
Our instructors have a great amount of influence in shaping the attitudes, skill level, knowledge and understanding of these future leaders. The belief system and professional level of these trainees is being molded, and will reflect the beliefs and professionalism of their instructors in the years to come. 
  • Impact the life of a young craft worker.
Craft instructors can make a significant impact on the lives of trainees through the example which they set forth. Many of us can look back and point to a specific teacher who made a big difference in our lives. You can make that
kind of a difference! 
  • Position your employer as a leader and pacesetter.
When you are involved in training the new workforce, you are representing your company. The expertise and workmanship that you demonstrate to your class will carry over in their minds as the qualities that embodies your company. 
  • Pride and satisfaction.
There is a great satisfaction that comes from knowing that you have helped new craft workers understand the things they need to know to be successful in their field. They will long remember you for what you enabled them to understand.
If interested in this great opportunity, please contact Associated Builders & Contractors Hawaii Chapter.